My name is Pablo Serrano and PBSR is my solo project. I grew up in a small town called Murcia, in the south-east coast of Spain, where I learnt how to play the guitar at the age of 7. I then studied classical guitar at the Conservatorio de Música of Murcia for eight years, after which I pursued different and more experimental music genres.
My mum used to play in a folk band and she lent me her Spanish guitar, a beautiful tanned Admira Mimosa which I used during my first five years of study, while My dad introduced me to artists like Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd or Brian Eno. Also to japanese electronic music, world and classical music.
After some time in Madrid studying Creative Media Production I moved to London in September 2014 to study a BA (Hons) in Music Technology and Composition at the London College of Music. I am now based in Camberwell where I write, produce, record and mix music at my home studio.
I am currently finishing an MA in Sound Arts at the University of Arts London (LCC).